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We are proud to have helped many customers in Seymour 54720 as well as the surrounding areas in Altoona, Pinehurst, Lake Hallie, Eau Claire, Union, Fall Creek, Lake Wissota, Green Acres, Howard, Lufkin, Pine Grove, Allen, Albertville, Foster, Eagle Point

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Covid-19 business interruption Claims in Seymour

Has your small business been drastically ruined as an effect of the Covid19? Have you currently received a denial or reservation of rights notice from your insurance company? Even if you have currently been denied or informed that your business income insurance coverage will not protect your losses, do not quit. We have been effective in working with small business owners in small business interruption insurance claims. Your small business interruption coverage protects you from exact situations that have impaired numerous US small business owners as a result of Covid19. Are you struggling to survive and yet your revenue and sales are significantly decreased? You do not deserve to have your insurance company attempting to refuse your insurance claim so quickly. You must secure yourself with a professional team like Claim Management Adjusters WI. We have a complete forensic accounting organization to maximize your extra expense coverage. You can focus on operating your small business, while we defend every cent you are entitled to.

Business Insurance may or may not cover your business losses during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Are you worried that your restaurant business insurance coverage may or may not cover your losses during the Covid19 pandemic? Do you have a service that has been labeled non-essential and you are at risk of declaring bankruptcy? You may have rights and benefits that are owed to you if you have a business owner’s policy.

Call (414) 246-7841 if you have been denied for your Covid19 business interruption Claims in Seymour. We are experts in handling Loss of Business income Claims.

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About Claim Management Adjusters WI

Residential and Commercial Public Adjustment and Property Damage Estimates

We really want you to make educated decisions in exactly how to successfully get through your insurance claim settlement.

We are proud to offer our clients around Eau Claire County with experienced public adjustment as well as damage victim advocacy. Our company was founded to safeguard hard-working people of Wisconsin. We grew tired of hearing exactly how insurance companies were providing inferior claim aid to property owners that were already so unfortunately affected, displaced or even experiencing the loss of somebody they love. Combining our knowledge of public adjusting, reconstruction and big heart for suffering households, We chose to do something about it.

Our qualified group of experts has years of market experience. We feel confident that when you trust us to manage your claim, that we will certainly obtain you every cent you are owed.

Every insurance claim is different. We understand the nuances and also personality of all the insurer. That knowledge allows us to defend and also provide services to you much better. We have experts in each kind of residential, commercial and also industrial building. And our skillset exceeds just constructing, we are well versed in dealing with contents and also personal belonging settlements.

We have been delivering millions of dollars worth of financial recoveries to home and business owners. We have constantly believed there is no job too large or too small for us to manage. We have made it our objective to develop a friendly and trusting partnership with all our clients.

Fire losses are commonly the most destructive incidents that can happen to a household or company. The fire adjusters at Claim Management Adjusters WI will employ our years of expert and useful experience to your fire loss insurance claim. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you settle the complex process required by your insurance carrier to obtain your fire insurance claim paid in a equitable and truthful way.

Tornado damage insurance claims can be unpleasant. It’s simple to get frustrated over what is and is not covered. Today, we’re highlighting the successful methods you can utilize to manage your tornado damage insurance claim— and maximize your claim pay out from the insurance company.

Water damage is one of the most prevalent causes of residential property insurance cases, it’s in fact the second most usual damage claim. Water damage is second just to wind and hail damage. With that in mind residents may wonder does insurance cover all kinds of water damage? Furthermore they could have a wide range of thoughts concerning what is covered in their insurance so they’re safe in any kind of future water accidents

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Your house and company is most likely the most precious property that you own. You pay your insurance coverage premiums every year in exchange for the promise of your insurance carrier looking after you. We help you make certain they keep that promise


As a skilled Public Adjuster, Claim Management Adjusters WI serves to help insurance policy holders with the following areas of service.

Homeowner Claims

Insurance Carriers have their dedicated adjusters and stats reveal you ought to too. We frequently help house and business owners get back 30% to 70% more money! Moreover we deliver these results frequently more rapidly than a regular claim settlement process.

Commercial Claims

Industrial claims are more complex and call for a qualified adjuster to deliver the proper outcome in your favor and not the insurance carrier's. We are knowledgeable in getting much higher payments, expedient turn-around and less stress. Let us manage your claim, so you can return to business.

Appraisal & Umpire Services

Appraisal is a cost efficient, out-of-court, alternative conflict resolution process that helps parties address complex valuation matters in a objective and fair way. The process aims at all times to assist the parties themselves reach a fair win-win option.

Catastrophic Events

With a broad network of trusted adjusters, we are able to serve the best interests of our clients quickly after a sizable scale event occurs. We gladly champion our People First and Profit Second mantra as we activate our crew to bring relief to affected house & business owners.

Learn the process

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  • Representation
  • Estimation
  • Inventory
  • Settlement

We without any cost provide {this consultation and every house or business owner. Please spend time into this conversation. As public insurance adjusters who work for your benefit we are very quick to deliver you with options that you more than likely aren't familiar with, that can drastically impact your circumstance.

We formally represent you after our brief agreement is signed and your insurance carrier acknowledges receipt of our 'Letter of Representation'. It's a very basic and simple process in 100% compliance with the Department of Insurance for your state. You should be pleased to know we do not accept clients who we feel may not need us. This is something we discover during our totally free consultation.

Your insurance carrier's adjuster will offer an assessment however we will complete our own in order to ensure every little thing is considered. We utilize the market's top estimating software and know exactly what is required to get you every cent owed. This part of the process is typically where our clients begin to feel grateful for hiring us.

One of the largest reported headaches our clients almost get frustrated by is finishing their inventory of contents. With top software and cleansing processes we make certain all products are included down to every knife and spoon. We then proceed to handling recoverable depreciation and sales tax which is the something the insurance company tries to leave out.

More than most likely your insurance company will try to pressure you into a low settlement. Typically these techniques are written into their process as a standard busines practice. We are highly trained in handling these methods and keeping them accountable. We are not strangers to the games insurance companies like to play

I've been a Public Adjuster for several years and almost every customer assumes the best of their insurance company at the beginning of the claim process but very few feel the same by the end of it.
Jeremy W. Walls

Wintertime is fire season

Every winter season Americans all over the country turn up the heating and house & local business fires emerge as an increasing concern. Now and throughout the season we will continue to deliver resources to keep you safe from this peril.


As family people we comprehend the value of getting you every cent you should have in the quickest way possible.



Frequently Asked Questions

, if your house or commercial property incurs storm or fire damage resulting in an opening in your building you may be in need of emergency board up services.. Any openings in the structure need’s to be appropriately boarded up to secure the building from more damage, weather and illegal entry.

Search for: What is emergency board up?

Insurance industry standards recommend 5/8-inch-thick exterior-grade (CDX) plywood at minimum. Hurricane plywood installation is a two-person job particularly with large windows. For safety’s precautions get them up before the wind speed picks up and turns these sheets into dangerous projectiles.
Search for: What kind of plywood do you use for boarding windows?

If your dwelling or business suffers from fire damage resulting in an opening in your building you may require 24/7 board up services. We recommend that you hire experts to protect your building. It could be extremely perilous and you could hurt yourself. The very best thing to do is to call our team at (414) 246-7841

Search for: How do I board up my home after a fire?

Boarding up or Board Up is the process of installing boards on the windows and doors of a fire or storm damaged structure to safeguard it from damage, to protect unused, vacant, or abandoned property, and/or to prevent unauthorized access by squatters, looters or vandals.

Search for: What does boarded up mean?

Feel free to speak to a professional at (414) 246-7841 or purchase the material on your own. Material costs for this type of siding range from $0.75 up to $9 psf. Labor can cost anywhere from $1.50 to $5 psf. The cost of a 1,500-square-foot install can range as low as $4,000 to as high as $21,000.
Search for: What does it cost to board a house?
The following is a summary of information to include in your claim:Date of loss. Type of loss/damage. Location of damage. Any related injuries. Others involved. Condition of the home. Description of damaged contents. Any emergency board up. Handling fires by yourself can be overwhelming, call our consultants at (414) 246-7841
Search for: What can you claim on a house fire?
On typical property owners pay in between $3500 and $5000 to repair after a smaller fire. Your home insurance company will cover the expense of the cleanup.
Search for: How much does it cost for fire restoration?
Get approval from Fire Department officials before you re-enter the fire-damaged property. Contact relatives and loved ones to notify them of the accident. Attend to scared family pets and guarantee their safety and comfort.Call all energy providers (electrical gas water) and notify them of the fire. It‘s important to recognize what your insurance plan will cover. If you have concerns about what you are entitled to please contact [ xfield_phone]
Search for: What do you do if there’s a fire in your house?
And when the insurance coverage company authorizes clean-up after a fire or cooking accident, you can employ a professional company rather of handling it on your own. If you have to clean up on your own follow these steps: To remove soot and smoke from walls furniture and floorings utilize a moderate soap or detergent or mix together 4 to 6 tbsp. Be sure to rinse surfaces with clear warm water and dry thoroughly.
Search for: How do you clean up smoke damage after a fire?
Homeowners insurance coverage typically helps secure personal valuables from particular threats (described in most policies as perils) such as fire and lightning strikes. If your valuables are harmed or damaged in a fire, your homeowners insurance coverage may assist pay to repair or replace them.
Search for: How does insurance work after a house fire?



We are proud to have helped many customers in Seymour as well as the surrounding areas in Altoona, Pinehurst, Lake Hallie, Eau Claire, Union, Fall Creek, Lake Wissota, Green Acres, Howard, Lufkin

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